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pgstat 0.8beta released on PgFoundry

I moved the pgstat (previously named pgd) project to pgfoundry. Thank you to the folks over there approving the project. I added a column for ‘active’ processes from pg_stat_activity as well as some fixes requested by Devrim that I really should have had done from the start. Thanks for the contribution. Downloads can be found here. Oh, and I will remove the OSX file from the .tar file in the future.

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“pgstat 0.8beta released on PgFoundry”
  • Hits means the number of blocks served from the PostgreSQL cache. Reads refers to the blocks that were not in the PostgreSQL cache. Now, they could be served from the OS FS cache, so it does not mean they were actual physical IO, but rather, *could* be physical IO. This is one reason I like to run no OS FS cache and a larger PostgreSQL buffer cache so I can see my statistics clearly and make better decisions. Plus, the FS OS cache is simply double buffering the reads and I have not seen any performance improvement from using two caches, rather, I have seen a slight performance drop.

  • Hi !

    Are you sure about the “hits” statistics ?
    According to pgstat, if i understand correctly, we have a 99% hits.
    So (and again if i understand correctly) 99% of data used for query are in the shared-memory ?

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