Profiler Deep Dive; MongoSF 2013

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The presentation slides are also available on Github.

ObjectRocket Founder, Kenny Gorman, will present a deep dive into the MongoDB profiler. The MongoDB profiler is a powerful tool for analyzing and improving performance on a MongoDB system. He will show everything from the very basics to advanced usage. He will cover how to use the Aggregation Framework in conjunction with the profiler, profiler analytics, query tuning, and response time analysis.

320BonesyBoostrapped WordPressification

The folks at 320press released their wp-bootstrap v2.0 theme a while back.

WP-bootstrap is based on the bones framework and implements my personal favorite boostrap framework into WordPress.

Thats a pretty hefty stack of technologies. That said, it’s impact is substantial. I have been using WordPress for this blog since May of 2006 and finally have a super rich and simplistic theming toolset. Previously each theme had it’s own design and layout. In recent time (what like the last couple years), bootstrap has come onto the scene. The bootstrap framework is very powerful, and wp-bootstrap plugs it right into WordPress via the theme framework. Heck yeah.

Simple customization of themes is now very simple. All of the native bootstrap elements are valid, and of course and be customized and extended. The theme is fully widgetized as well. In addition 320press has taken great care to make the theme responsive. Thus this is the first time my blog looks reasonable on a variety of devices. It has shortcodes and the theme allows for customization inside the WordPress theme settings panel. One of the niceties I have already taken advantage is a simple CSS text area where you can drop in whatever CSS changes you want. Simple.

So, I suspect over the coming weeks and months I will be noodling with my theming and layouts quite a bit. It’s just too fun and easy now! Great job 320press!

MongoDB Austin

I am very excited to present at the MongoDBAustin conference on February 15th 2013 in Austin TX!

I am giving a completely new presentation; “MongoDB Performance; Profiler Deep Dive”. The purpose of this discussion is to give a more complete and thorough explanation of the wonderful MongoDB profiler. In previous presentations I have received wonderful feedback that I have moved pretty quickly through a lot of material. So I decided to change things a bit and just focus on the power that is the profiler.

I plan to cover some things that I have covered before, like using the Aggregation Framework with the profiler to speed up the search for bad queries and helping to prioritize what queries to attack. But I will also present some completely new material around keeping timeseries data pulled from the profiler and how it can help identify and diagnose performance problems.

I hope to see everyone at 3:30 in Room 1. This is going to be good fun. I should have a stack of ObjectRocket stickers to give out as well, so hit me up!

ObjectRocket Launches

Wow, today is awesome. It’s been a bunch of months since myself and the other ObjectRocket Founders started ObjectRocket.

We have been tirelessly building something that we are very proud of. Today we officially released it to the world. I have to admit it’s nerve racking, but also very exciting. We felt early on that we could built build a very high quality MongoDB experience, and didn’t see a lot of competitors doing it the way we wanted. Today we offer the premium MongoDB database-as-a-service (DBaaS). The only solution that is by default highly available, automatically sharded and unbelievably fast. I couldn’t be more ecstatic and proud of our team. I am humbled by them daily.

Here is the formal Press Release.

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