2016 Retrospective

This has been the least blogging I have done since 2013. That year I was crazy busy building ObjectRocket, similarly, this year I have been crazy busy building Eventador.io (as we now call it). I thought I would post a retrospective of some of the years highlights and things that come to mind in a few paragraphs to end the year on a high note.

First of all, building startups is awesome, it’s also really really hard. I feel a great sense of accomplishment from building a product from zero. I love figuring out what will make customers happy, what they really need and building something that they love. That said, it’s seriously scary. I can’t imagine any real Entrepreneur saying it’s not. If they do, they are lying. It takes a ton of commitment, energy, and beyond all that - unencumbered belief in what you are doing. I don’t think it goes away after your first startup.

At Eventador we spent a good portion of this year building out a kick ass real time data pipelining service based on Apache Kafka. I have been quite enamored with Kafka as a core technology to build real time data components on. We use it at the core of our service. We released our 0.2, 0.3, and 0.5 versions and I am excited to say the next release early in 2017 will be even more amazing. It is very early for us, and we are still iterating quite a bit on the platform. It’s super exciting to be firmly planted in the real-time data space. 2017 is going to bring some huge innovations in this space and we can’t wait to contribute. BTW, we now have free plans, so there is no reason not to try us out!

We have moved offices from the South Lamar area of Austin to right downtown on 6th and Congress at WeWork. We have kept the team small so we can be nimble and we plan to grow in the coming year.

From a technology perspective this year has been crazy. We have seen a huge ramp up in interest in real time data processing. Companies are realizing that products that use data in real time can be more compelling to customers. So they need data and they need it fast. This is driving an interest in enabling technologies like Eventador. Technologies like Kafka, Samza, Storm, Spark, AWS Kinesis are on a tear.

So here’s to 2017, may it be the raddest year yet.