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QConSF, save $100, donate some food!

02 October 2012

I am super excited to be presenting MongoDB large-scale data centric architectures at QCon, Friday Nov 9th in the <a href=>NoSQL Emergence track</a>. My talk will focus on the realities of running the MongoDB database at scale, what challenges it presents, where it works great, and where it doesn’t. This is stuff anyone who wants to run MongoDB at any serious level should plan to attend. Stop by and say hello, it should be a hoot. I promise no web-scale references!

If you register with my code: gorm100, you will get $100 off at registration time and another $100 will get donated to the <a href=>San Francisco Food Bank</a>. Let’s do this people, you get to come hear from some excellent talks at the conference, and some other folks get to eat.