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Primary Keys for Slony-I

23 March 2008

One of the prerequisites for <a href=>Slony</a> replication is to be sure that primary keys (or at least suitable columns) are defined for each table to be under replication. This is a simple example script for getting that data in postgresql. This assumes that the intention is to replicate all of the public schema.

select tablename
from pg_tables
where tablename not in
 (select r.relname
 from pg_class r, pg_constraint c
 where r.oid = c.conrelid
 and c.contype = 'p'
and schemaname = 'public';

If the output shows tables without primary keys, then the decision can be made to either add them, or instruct slonik to use suitable columns that form a logical unique key. However, as the <a href=>documentation states</a>, you might as well just define the keys if you go this far.