Partially D podcast and beer for dinner

I had the privilege to be on the Partially Derivative podcast last week. I was turned on to these guys a month or two ago, and have been an addict ever since. A bunch of data nerds here in the ObjectRocket offices have also become addicts. I suspect it has something to do with the beautiful marriage between data and beer!

I was impressed by how professional Jonathon and Chris are. Even with a couple of technical glitches they got the show out the door. Myself being a bit of a newbie maybe I talked too much, but man, the topics where so interesting I couldn’t help myself! I particularly loved the bit about the ‘Moneyball’ revolution and middle school kids. Of course Ashley was an absolute riot.

Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of the rasberry-pi-kegerator just yet, it’s been raining crazy here in TX. Stay tuned. I did however, and you will get this when you listen to the podcast, compile the list of beers we drank in CSV format here:

Thirsty Planet,Thirsty Goat,American-style Amber Ale,Austin,TX,6.5,30,
Lagunitas,Day Time Ale,Fractional IPA,Petaluma,CA,4.6,54,
Goliad,GOLIAD PRESIDIO LA BAHIA,Black Hefeweizen,Goliad,TX,4.7,10,
Dogfish Head,Piercing Pils,Czech Pilsner,Milton,DE,6,35,
Abita,Strawberry Harvest Lager,Lager,Abita Springs,LA,4.2,13,

I was humbled and excited to have participated, and have an even larger respect for the work these guys do both for the podcast and a living!