MongoDB Austin Meetup; MongoDB 3.0

On March 24th 2015 I presented to the Austin MongoDB user group. I had a blast, but I think what really made is so fun is that I am very excited about MongoDB 3.0 and Wired Tiger. It was awesome to share some of the testing, research, and benchmarks I have done.

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In the last few months I have spent a lot of time load testing MongoDB for various reasons. From testing compression ratios in TokuMX and hardware platforms for ObjectRocket/Rackspace to various storage engines in the new MongoDB 3.0 release. My new role has me making lots of opinions about various things, and I like to be data and fact driven about them.

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I was just finishing up posting my slides from a presentation I did at a venture firm here in Austin, Texas. I was presenting to a set of technology geeks and decision makers from various companies. The goal: how to select a datastore for their next project.

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MongoDB 2.8 authentication mechanism changes

Mongodb 2.8 brings some welcome and exciting changes. One thing to note however, is the client authentication model has changed and may require some code changes albeit minor.

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Interview in Admin Magazine

The folks over at Admin Magazine did an interview with me to discuss ObjectRocket, Rackspace, and technologies like MongoDB and Hadoop. It was a fun time, and I was excited to give some opinions I don’t always get to share.

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Thank you England and WTF Big Data.

I am freshly back from the UK. What a great trip. I was in London for the Rackspace Unlocked event and the London MongoDB meetup. First off, the Rackspace Unlocked event was really nicely done. I have to tip my hat to @Laurabpacheco and the team for ensuring the event was fantastic.

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Ansible for Database Management

If you aren’t already familiar with Ansible, then I suggest you add it to your list of things to explore. Simply put, Ansible is an IT automation framework. But in my opinion, that description doesn’t really elaborate properly on it’s true power. Sure, there have been other automation platforms in the past, but they always seemed so crufty. I didn’t love using them.

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The history of mongostat

Circa spring 2010 Elliot Horowitz checked in src/tools/stat.cpp. Mongostat was now part of the MongoDB distribution, but how did it get there? Whats the history behind it?

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It’s a pretty common question these days for folks to ask the difference in real world storage footprint between various compression schemes in TokuMX, as well as compared to MongoDB. So thought I would do a quick comparison and post the results.

[Read TokuMX space usage with various compression schemes]

My next chapter at Rackspace

When I first started using databases it was innocent enough. I just wanted to store some simple data. I think I was using MS Access via the JET Engine. Remember scott/tiger? I lost a lot of hair late at night pushing Oracle and our systems to the limits at Paypal.

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NOAA ocean data - A MongoDB example

I am a geek for public data sets. I stumbled across this data set and wanted to use it for a sample for testing, teaching, etc. It’s a pretty cool example of a MongoDB use case, so I thought I would share.

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MongoDB profiler helpful queries

I thought I would post up some useful queries to analyze profiler output. I created a gist on GitHub with some of them, and enumerated a couple of the more interesting ones in this post.

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