My next chapter at Rackspace

When I first started using databases it was innocent enough. I just wanted to store some simple data. I think I was using MS Access via the JET Engine. Remember scott/tiger? I lost a lot of hair late at night pushing Oracle and our systems to the limits at Paypal.

The database industry and community has grown since those days. Today we have many very different technology choices for data storage and retrieval. For every possible workload and use case there are a myriad of choices and components that are applicable, and more that arent! One might say in recent years we have seen a Industrial Database Revolution. It’s a fantastic time to be in the industry, it’s an important time to me. It’s an important time for Rackspace.

I am very excited to accept a new role as Chief Technologist; Data - Office of the CTO at Rackspace. In this new role I hope to push Rackspace to continue to grow and lead in the space of data technologies. I will continue to work with ObjectRocket and MongoDB, but my responsibilities will expand. Ultimately Rackspace must cement itself as a leader in high quality data technologies and services, and I plan to be part of that.

I am thankful that I have been part of this industry, I appreciate all the help, collaboration, and good advice I have gotten along the way. With that, I am excited and humbled to take this role and continue to build and lead in this category. It’s been a crazy ride, here’s to pushing the limits of what is next. Let’s do this!