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MongoSV follow up

15 December 2011

What a madhouse!  The 2011 MongoSV conference was a blast, it didn’t hurt there were over 1000 attendees.  I really enjoyed some excellent talks, and good discussions with colleges and 10gen employees.  Plus, the opportunities in the evenings for a couple cold beverages were fantastic.

I have a couple take-aways from this years conference:

  • The new aggregation features of MongoDB are going to be great, I am excited to start playing with them.
  • 10gen is listening to us about the locking behavior of MongoDB, and the roadmap is promising.
  • Lots of people use AWS for MongoDB.  More than I would have thought considering EBS is horrid.  Most everyone thought AWS and EBS was painful, but the pain was outweighed by the perceived benefits.
  • Everyone agrees schema design is key.  The money quote from the conference was:
Schema free != Design free –@nathenharvey @nathanharvey 

  • Some people are using MongoDB for what I would call, non-optimal use cases.  I think one has to be careful to really think hard about when to use MongoDB and when not to.  It’s an exciting product, but not a cure-all.  I listened to more than one talk where folks will have a hard time continuing to use MongoDB.
  • There is still a lot to be learned about how to operate MongoDB in a production environment.  Hrm, seems like a good subject for future talks.
  • Someone needs to do a talk on locking internals so folks can really understand that locks in MongoDB are not the same locks as in most RDBMS’s.
  • The SJC airport is awesome.  I had to fly out Friday night to LA, and it was seamless.  Sorry I missed the after-party.
Here is the video from my session:

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