MongoDB Austin

I am very excited to present at the MongoDBAustin conference on February 15th 2013 in Austin TX!

I am giving a completely new presentation “MongoDB Performance; Profiler Deep Dive”. The purpose of this discussion is to give a more complete and thorough explanation of the wonderful MongoDB profiler. In previous presentations I have received wonderful feedback that I have moved pretty quickly through a lot of material. So I decided to change things a bit and just focus on the power that is the profiler.

I plan to cover some things that I have covered before, like using the Aggregation Framework with the profiler to speed up the search for bad queries and helping to prioritize what queries to attack. But I will also present some completely new material around keeping timeseries data pulled from the profiler and how it can help identify and diagnose performance problems.

I hope to see everyone at 3:30 in Room 1. This is going to be good fun. I should have a stack of ObjectRocket stickers to give out as well, so hit me up!