Masters of MongoDB

The day before this years MongoSV Conference a few folks, chosen by 10gen, and labelled the Masters of MongoDB gathered to discuss the MongoDB platform, swap war stories, share gripes, and overall give feedback on the direction and roadmap of MongoDB to the 10gen folks.

First of all, I am incredibly honored to be considered in such a group of high caliber folks. But beyond that I was struck by the level of commitment that 10gen has to making sure the roadmap is proper and that they are listening very closely to the community. I feel like with such a commitment the areas for improvement in MongoDB will get good attention and focus. I think this is a huge component for consideration when looking at MongoDB. The community is very very strong.  I made lots of good contacts and was able to connect with friends.

Thanks 10gen for putting on such a good event, and above all, listening to your customers.