Hello ObjectRocket

I am very excited to say that it’s time to say hello to ObjectRocket! A few weeks ago I made the move from a great place, to an even better opportunity. A couple of amazing guys and myself founded ObjectRocket Inc. It’s time to make ObjectRocket my full time job.

I have been at Shutterfly for almost two and a half years now. I am very proud of the teams achievements in this timeframe. We brought a completely new technology into Shutterfly, and while we had some kinks, I am very proud of where we ended up. Shutterfly is one of the larger and perhaps more complex MongoDB production installations in existence. For some amount of time I will continue to help Shutterfly transition.

We created ObjectRocket with the idea that we can do something better than anyone else. Even the ‘big guys’. It’s time for me to focus on making customers happy with fantastic Engineering and Technology. Our initial concept has some legs, so I am going to pour my energies into making this idea a success. Frankly, I have never been so excited about something I have been doing in my life.

What is it we are doing? Well, we aren’t quite ready to announce that quite yet. But I can say that we plan to solve, what we believe are, serious problems in the MongoDB and NoSQL space. For now, it’s heads down on building something completely new and amazing. If you are curious, we will provide updates on <a href=https://twitter.com/#!/objectrocket>Twitter</a> so just follow us.