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Percona Live Europe 2015

06 August 2015

I am very excited to be speaking at Percona Live in Amsterdam this year. In the last couple years I have been attending more and more Percona Live events and speaking at the conferences.

What is exciting is these events are starting to morph into more of a polyglot persistence type conference with the addition of MongoDB content into the mix. It’s only natural that more and more MongoDB content is presented at these conferences after the acquisition of TokuTek by Percona earlier this year. Indeed, Percona is now offering support for MongoDB alongside MySQL.

I am a huge believer in the polyglot persistence story. That said, In my mind polyglot persistence doesn’t just cover utilizing multiple data storage technologies into an application stack, but also, the management, scaling, backup and recovery as well as performance tuning of various platforms by DBA, DevOps, and Software Engineers. I have spent my entire career carefully navigating the narrows of Polyglot Persistence enterprises, we just never had a clever name for it. It was just called ‘normal’. After all, when you wake up for a page because a DB is down you mostly don’t care if it’s a relational or document database, you just need to address getting that sucker back in service quickly.

This leads me to my talk entitled: “MongoDB Performance Tuning for MySQL DBAs and Developers”. In this talk I take a peek at MongoDB performance but from the perspective of the Polyglot DBA. I talk about how to manage performance but using a common framework that DBA’s and Developers familiar with relational databases would be familiar with.

I hope you stop by for the talk and keep me honest. If you use the code “SeeMeTalk” when registering you will save 25 Euro’s. We will be tweetering at #PerconaLive

I will also be on the Keynote panel, it should be awesome.

I will post the video and slides here when they come out.