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I am speaking at the MongoSV 2011 conference

07 November 2011

I had a great time presenting at MongoSV <a href=>last year</a>.  This year I am presenting a talk on MongoDB performance tuning, similar to what I <a href=>presented at MongoSF</a> but with some updated items around scalability, tuning, and hardware!  My college Luciano Resende is also speaking.  I hope to give some insight into some of the work we have done at Shutterfly around performance tuning and scalability.  I also hope to speak in more detail about our implementation of the <a href=>Facebook Flashcache</a> technology.  If you haven’t signed up, you can register here for the conference. Here is a video 10gen put out for the conference:

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Stellar use cases for MongoDB

28 July 2011

MongoDB has a nice wide sweet spot where it’s a very useful persistence platform, however, it’s not for everything. I thought I would quickly enumerate a couple great use cases that have come up in the last year and a half and why they are such a great fit for MongoDB.

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MongoSF 2011

15 April 2011

I am very excited to speak @ MongoSF 2011. We have been doing quite a bit of performance tuning lately at Shutterfly as we deploy more and more MongoDB services. My hope is I can share some of what we have been doing in terms of performance tuning and performance management and it will be valuable to folks who may face performance challenges with MongoDB. I just wanted to put up some of the specific items I will be going over:

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PGEast and MongoDB?

01 February 2011

When I first started playing with MongoDB I accidentially posted my posts in a category that got them put up on Planet PostgreSQL. I remember getting some pretty pissed off emails and comments. Beyond just my mistake such that the posting was on the incorrect blog, people seemed pretty pissed off about NoSQL in general. I remember thinking how closed minded that was. These are all different tools for different jobs, not a religion.

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