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QConSF, save $100, donate some food!

02 October 2012

I am super excited to be presenting MongoDB large-scale data centric architectures at QCon, Friday Nov 9th in the <a href=>NoSQL Emergence track</a>. My talk will focus on the realities of running the MongoDB database at scale, what challenges it presents, where it works great, and where it doesn’t. This is stuff anyone who wants to run MongoDB at any serious level should plan to attend. Stop by and say hello, it should be a hoot. I promise no web-scale references!

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MongoSeattle Recap

19 September 2012

<a href= target=1>MongoSeattle</a> was fantastic, I think my favorite MongoDB conference to-date.

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Charity: Homes for our Troops

24 August 2012

Today I joined the program to donate monthly to <a href=>Homes for our Troops</a>.

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Upcoming performance tuning presentation at MongoDB Seattle

14 August 2012

Sign up now for MongoDB Seattle happening on September 14 2012. I will be presenting on MongoDB Performance Tuning. I will be demonstrating some interesting ways of looking at MongoDB profiler data using the new Aggregation Framework as well as SSD disk usage, data locality, tools, read vs write tuning, and MongoDB 2.2 enhancements. Hope to see old friends and new!

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Hello ObjectRocket

09 May 2012

I am very excited to say that it’s time to say hello to ObjectRocket! A few weeks ago I made the move from a great place, to an even better opportunity. A couple of amazing guys and myself founded ObjectRocket Inc. It’s time to make ObjectRocket my full time job.

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