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Percona Live Europe 2015

06 August 2015

I am very excited to be speaking at Percona Live in Amsterdam this year. In the last couple years I have been attending more and more Percona Live events and speaking at the conferences.

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Gaining perspective on the fallen

30 June 2015

I love data driven projects. I am also a WWII nerd. This visualization brings some grim realities to the front and center, but it also gives a perspective often lost. My take away is the absolutely staggering human cost of pushing back Japan and ridding the world of the Nazi’s. This visualization just blows my mind.

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Partially D podcast and beer for dinner

14 May 2015

I had the privilege to be on the Partially Derivative podcast last week. I was turned on to these guys a month or two ago, and have been an addict ever since. A bunch of data nerds here in the ObjectRocket offices have also become addicts. I suspect it has something to do with the beautiful marriage between data and beer!

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MongoDB Austin Meetup; MongoDB 3.0

02 April 2015

On March 24th 2015 I presented to the Austin MongoDB user group. I had a blast, but I think what really made is so fun is that I am very excited about MongoDB 3.0 and Wired Tiger. It was awesome to share some of the testing, research, and benchmarks I have done.

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Load testing MongoDB with sysbench-mongodb and Ansible

11 February 2015

In the last few months I have spent a lot of time load testing MongoDB for various reasons. From testing compression ratios in TokuMX and hardware platforms for ObjectRocket/Rackspace to various storage engines in the new MongoDB 3.0 release. My new role has me making lots of opinions about various things, and I like to be data and fact driven about them.

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Data storage technology choices, we live in great times

29 January 2015

I was just finishing up posting my slides from a presentation I did at a venture firm here in Austin, Texas. I was presenting to a set of technology geeks and decision makers from various companies. The goal: how to select a datastore for their next project.

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