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Displaying JSON in psql

12 May 2016

Over the last few releases, PostgreSQL has developed awesome JSON functionality inside the database. That said, every once in a while you want to simply display that JSON in psql for easy viewing, working out a query, copying it to your buffer, etc. In 9.5 jsonb_pretty was included to solve this need.

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Hello Eventador Labs

18 April 2016

If I have learned nothing in the last 5 years it’s play where you are at your best. Know what you are good at, and do that. Resist playing in areas where you don’t add a lot of value, maximize your time and efforts around the things you do well. In essence double down on your talents, and leverage your passions.

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PGConf Silicon Valley 2015

23 October 2015

I have attended lots of PostgreSQL meetups and conferences, but never spoke at one. I always wanted to, but never had time or the opportunity. So I am very excited to be speaking at PGConf SV on November 18th 2015.

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My favorite Atom editor settings

31 August 2015

For the last six months or so I have been exclusively using Atom as my editor. If you aren’t familiar, Atom is the editor created by Github. It’s simple, easily hackable, and generally awesome. It also doesn’t seem to be as slow as it used to be.

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Percona Live Europe 2015

06 August 2015

I am very excited to be speaking at Percona Live in Amsterdam this year. In the last couple years I have been attending more and more Percona Live events and speaking at the conferences.

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Gaining perspective on the fallen

30 June 2015

I love data driven projects. I am also a WWII nerd. This visualization brings some grim realities to the front and center, but it also gives a perspective often lost. My take away is the absolutely staggering human cost of pushing back Japan and ridding the world of the Nazi’s. This visualization just blows my mind.

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