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Hello Shutterfly

07 December 2009

shutterfly[1]I am very excited to start a new position at Shutterfly is a well known internet property with a massivly growing customer base and thus new and interesting challenges in how to store, share, and organize data. What fantastic fun. I expect to post more on the growing NOSQL movement as well as continuing information on PostgreSQL and more traditional relational stores like Oracle.

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pg_reorg 1.0.4

25 June 2009

At Hi5, we currently use pg_reorg1.0.3 in order to organize data in a clustered fashion. I posted previously about the strategy. Our version is slightly modified, the modifications I made to the C code essentially allow pg_reorg to spin/wait for locks on the objects to be released before proceeding.

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Fusion-io SSD

27 May 2009

I got the opportunity to test out some of the new Fusion-io <a href=”” target=1>Solid State</a> ioDrive, and I thought I would post some results.

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pgstat 0.8beta released on PgFoundry

03 March 2009

I moved the pgstat (previously named pgd) project to pgfoundry. Thank you to the folks over there approving the project. I added a column for ‘active’ processes from pg_stat_activity as well as some fixes requested by Devrim that I really should have had done from the start. Thanks for the contribution. Downloads can be found here. Oh, and I will remove the OSX file from the .tar file in the future.

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Cluster data, save cash

13 February 2009

Since the economy is not exactly rocking these days, I suspect there are a lot of companies out there trying to save a buck or two on infrastructure. Databases are not exactly cheap, so anything that an engineer or DBA can do to save cycles is a win. So how do you stretch your existing hardware and make it perform more transactions for the same amount of cash?

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