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MongoSF Slides

03 May 2010

I had a great time at the MongoSF Conference on Friday. There were a ton of great presentations, and lots and lots of excitement. A big thanks to 10gen for inviting me to speak. I had a great time and I hope everyone learned a lot from our experiences so far with MongoDB. I especially liked Mike Dirolf’s discussion on Python and pymongo. There have been lots of changes as of late, and most of them fantastic!

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The death of a Sun

01 April 2010

pic As I was shutting down my last Sun server in my colo, I was thinking back about how things have changed. It’s sad to see such a great company fall. But it seems there is little reason to keep using Sun or Solaris. We will miss you Sun.

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mongostat 0.2b

09 February 2010

I have been playing quite a bit with MongoDB lately. MongoDB is a nosql type database. It’s different than a simple k/v store however. It allows sorting, secondary indexes and such. It’s format is BSON a binary representation of JSON with some additions.

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