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Interview on

06 January 2011

The folks over at have posted an interview they did with me on our implementation of MongoDB at Shutterfly. Good folks, great blog. Here is a link to the article. I talk a lot about what we have done at Shutterfly, In particular one item I discuss is ORM’s and the promise of not using heavyweight mappers in a non-relational architecture. I also talk a bit about the challenges and benefits of modeling data as documents. I hope it’s helpful for folks thinking about using something like MongoDB.

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I am speaking at MongoSV 2010

05 November 2010

I am excited to announce I will be speaking at the MongoSV conference Dec 3 2010. My talk, Sharing Life’s Joy using MongoDB: A Shutterfly Case Study will be focused on how we have been using MongoDB here at Shutterfly over the last year. I plan to outline some of the specific cases where MongoDB has been a massive win and some areas to be careful of if you are planning your own MongoDB application. This is a follow on to my previous talk at MongoSF with more technical depth. I will show code examples and various use cases outlining parts of our journey.

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MongoDB: Lagged Replica with Replica Sets

24 August 2010

In an enterprise database architecture, it’s very common to create a standby or replica database with a ‘lag’ in it’s state relative to the primary. Operations applied to the primary are not seen on the replica for some amount of pre-determined timeframe. The purpose of such an architecture is to protect yourself against an accidental deletion, code bug, corruption, table drop, etc. If something really bad happens to the primary it may replicate that horrible thing before someone can step in and correct it. A lagged replica solves this problem by giving some amount of time to stop the replica from ingesting the change, and allowing an operator to use the clean data to fix the primary or even roll back to a earlier image.

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09 August 2010

A couple months ago I didn’t even know what was, I was using tinyurl for everything. Sheez, how web 1.0 of me. But after started using MongoDB for it’s backend services, I started using it for url shortening. I just love the idea of web services, and was crying out for a nice OSX implementation. I wanted full OSX compatibility instead of having to bring up a web browser each time I needed to shorten an url. This Automator script turned that all around for me. Now I use for almost every url I ever copy/paste.

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