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Hello Eventador Labs

18 April 2016

If I have learned nothing in the last 5 years it’s play where you are at your best. Know what you are good at, and do that. Resist playing in areas where you don’t add a lot of value, maximize your time and efforts around the things you do well. In essence double down on your talents, and leverage your passions.

Roll back to January 2016, I had just left Rackspace. I had a fantastic position, a great boss, and was having a lot of fun. I had already stepped back from day to day responsibilities at ObjectRocket in favor of a position where I hoped to make maximum impact. Yet, I couldn’t shake the feeling I wasn’t playing 100% to my strengths. Maybe just like 90%. ;-).

I missed the days where I had close contact with customers, spent most of my days in a text editor, directly shaped the product, and managed to keep the ambient panic that is part and parcel to any startup at bay. It was time for a change. On January 17th I resigned with a vague plan to hook up with my previous Co-Founder Erik Beebe and do something cool. He resigned a week later.

We formed Eventador Labs.


See, the data landscape is not what is was even 5 years ago. Back then, NoSQL was the buzzword du jour. Customers where struggling to scale workloads and looking for new technologies to help them achieve better response times, lower latency, higher availability, etc. Today, many of those same challenges exist.

Something most be done about this. Application development cycles aren’t getting shorter, latency requirements aren’t getting higher. Data just can’t be stored and moved like it has been for the last decade plus. We need a new paradigm for data if we are to change the world with it.

Eventador Labs was formed with this in mind. We are a few months in, and I am more and more excited about the future. I feel great, and I feel I am now back to playing to my strengths. Let’s see where this goes.