The love of Data, Database Engineering, Architecture, Entrepreneurship, and other assorted bits


Hello, my name is Kenny Gorman. I dig database systems, data, development and being an Entrepreneur.

I am a Founder and CEO at in Austin TX. Where we are building the next generation of real-time data platforms using Apache Kafka.

I was previously Chief Technologist; Data - Office of the CTO at Rackspace and Co-Founder of ObjectRocket; a MongoDB as a Service. In 2012, ObjectRocket was acquired by Rackspace.

My Bio

Kenny has decades of experience with various database platforms behind some of the busiest companies in the world. He has had roles as Architect, Director, Manager, Developer, and DBA.

He was a key member of the early teams that scaled Paypal and then eBay on Oracle. He ran one of the busiest PostgreSQL installations in the world at Hi5 and was an early adopter of MongoDB using it for various large projects at Shutterfly.

He is an active member in the PostgreSQL community and scaled Hi5 from just a few servers to dozens running multi-terabye workloads on SSD and SAN backends. He has contributed to the early versions of pg_reorg, and wrote the pgstat2 utility as well as other tools and performance techniques. He’s been blogging about databases including PostgreSQL for years.

He has been an active MongoDB community member, speaker, MongoDB evangelist, and now Mongo Master. In 2011 he formed the MongoDB as a Service provider ObjectRocket with colleagues from eBaY. ObjectRocket was acquired by Rackspace in 2012.

Currently, Kenny is a Founder at, a streaming data service based on Apache Kafka. He is focused on building innovative data services to power the next generation of applications that must aggregate, mutate, filter, and join data in real time.

The first article I wrote for NoCOUG Journal in 2002.

I was OCP DBA in Oracle 8 a long time ago.

I was previously a Mongodb Master.

Here is some press